Olus Fresh procures fresh vegetables directly from farmers and supplies them to end users as per their requirements. An Android App will be assisting to end users in ordering vegetables to Olus. Procuring vegetables directly from farmers helps farmers in attaining right price for their product (vegetables). End users can get good quality vegetables at lower price compared to market price (Rythu Bazaar) and now they are depending on Rythu Bazaars for getting vegetables. Present vegetables marketing process from former to Rythu Bazaar:

Step – 1: Farmer will drop all their vegetables at collection points. (receive price for vegetable. Example X)

Step – 2: Collection Points agents will add their commission on vegetables price and transport Vegetables to Market Yard {Now vegetable price = Former price(x) + Collection point agent commission(Ex:C)}

Step – 3: Agents in Market Yard will add their commission on vegetables price and sell Vegetables to Medium wholesalers {Now vegetable price = X + C + Market yard agent commission (Ex:M)}

Step – 4: Wholesalers will bring the vegetables to Rythu Bazaar and sells to retailers, hostels and curry points (Who sells vegetables in Rythu Bazaar).{Now vegetable price = X + C + M + Wholesaler commission(Ex:W)+ Transportation} This increases the actual price of the vegetable by ~50%. Market price of the vegetable is more than 50% than the price what farmer is receiving.

By eliminating middle man, Olus tech will supply quality vegetables to our customer at lower price compared with market price. Olus tech will create continuous demand and supply chain which will be beneficial for both Former and Consumer. Olus tech will use advanced vegetable packing and transportation techniques to reduce damages

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